I love blogging!

Recently, I visited my last blog – I stalked my own blog how creepy does that sound lol – and I realised how much more engaged I was with my blog back then as compared to right now. I used this blog as an outlet to share my drawings and I don’t talk as much. But back then I was very talkative and I blogged all my thoughts. Blogging was a medium for me to speak out, reflect and record down my moments. Basically, my blog acts as an online diary. Since abandoning my blog a year ago before I started this blog recently, I have lost touch with writing a diary. How could I have forgotten the joy of writing♥ I have just rediscovered a way to not let my thoughts be bottled up and found an outlet to let my words flow. (☆^ー^☆) I started blogging a little less than 10 years ago and am still loving it. Blogging banzai!

So guess what? I managed to dig up some of my old blogs. I shouldn’t even be listing them here because they are full of my childish rants and immature self. I read through some of the posts and I felt disgusted at myself. lol I used strong words just as hate and f-ck and I’m talking about blogs dating back 6 years ago when I was just 15. So, I was just being a teenager. An immature one. <(_ _)> I also checked out my old youtube account and I’m impressed that my old videos received over 30,000 views. Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||) I feel somewhat happy. (*‿*✿) It makes me feel like wanting to create videos again but I would have to think about what kind of videos to make. And so just for remembrance sake:

2012 – 2013: http://fluffytimes.wordpress.com/ I was into writing reviews so yeah.. I feel a little embarrassed.

2012: http://littlekirin.wordpress.com/ I was into Hello! Project idols back then so there were a lot of such related posts. I’m still a Hello! Project fan though. (*´・v・) And some school related turmoil. (。_+)\

2009: http://lkyann.livejournal.com/ Mostly daily life entries and I was into Johnny’s Entertainment (JE) idols back then so a lot of said related stuff. I owned many of their stuffs including singles and albums that are stored away in drawers untouched for a long time. lol

2008 – 2011: http://soudayo0422.blogspot.sg/ Some angry posts because I was stressed out by school. ☆ ̄(>。☆) And many Hey! Say! JUMP related posts. I was a huge, huge fan back then. I actually modified or should I say, give an extreme makeover to the site layout and personally designed the banner as well. I loved designing site layouts back then. I have lost touch now though.

And my old youtube account:  lkyann When I was JE-obssessed.

And a more recent -but not the latest- youtube account: dancedancemambo I also have a very embarrassing video of myself singing.

My latest youtube account – but there are no videos yet so I can’t be bothered to link it here. lol

I shall end my post here. Abruptly. I know. But I need my beauty sleep. lol It’s nearing 1am now. Shall continue writing tomorrow. Bye bye! Oyasuminasai.