Characters Drawings

This time round I drew some characters – including Molang, Cinnamoroll, Kiiroitori and Rilakkuma. They are my favourites: 

DSC_2583  DSC_2589DSC_2586  DSC_2591 DSC_2592

Yesterday I attended this talk by a respected feng shui master. He gave away this quote: “生命不是用来寻找答案,也不用来解决问题的,它是用来快乐的过生活。” It translates to life is not about finding answers, neither is it for solving problems; instead it is for living happily. Okay, this is a literal translation so it does not sound as elegant as it does in chinese. lol Nevertheless, the meaning intended is as it is i.e. to live life happily and without regrets. I want to live my life happily. 我也要快乐的过生活!(^ _ ^)/