Inuyasha Drawing & My Cosplay

Hi peeps, it’s me again. It’s weird to place a greeting at the start of the post, as though I’m talking to people when actually I’m really just addressing myself. :P But it’s okay. Hi to myself. I am alive. A while back, I drew my favourite childhood character, Inuyasha:


I love Inuyasha <3

Does anyone have the same favourite character as me? ^^ My next favourite would be Sesshomaru! Perhaps I shall try drawing that the next time? Although it would probably be more challenging trying to draw out his handsome chiseled face. HA-HA.

My friend did a cosplay of Inuyasha and I am so in love. XD Do you know I like to cosplay too? I’ve set up a new cosplay page on this blog, where I keep track of my cosplays. It’s titled ‘My Cosplay Journey‘. Do take a look if you’re keen(: Here’s some of my cosplays as a teaser:

16-11-23-19-26-36-088_deco DSC_2328_DSC5594d

Photography credits go to the respective great photographers. ^^

To end the post, I shall leave here the drawing process of Inuyasha. (Yes, back to the topic on Inuyasha. lalala~)


He’s bae. XD

I enjoyed writing this post. I hope everyone have a great day ahead. It’s night time here though, I have to go to bed but.. no. Let me stay up just a bit more. 8D