We had team building today. Whisper<no work> ;D Anyway, it went okay. Although it rained and I had to walk around with sogging wet socks and shoes.. Anyway, I’m just glad it’s over. Giggles at freedom. That’s how I’m able to be writing this post now anyway. :D 

Just wanted to write out my new year resolutions for 2017. It must be strange to be writing about new year resolutions in April? HA.

First to top the list is: To be less forgetful. I’m trying to.. but it isn’t working much. Memory is innate I guess. Oh wells.. What to do..

Second is to Observe more. But.. when I remember to observe my surroundings, I end up not noticing anything. It’s something good to have so I shall leave it here as a reminder..

Third is to Think less about unnecessary things. Don’t deliberate about something so small that you end up neglecting the bigger picture. THIS. I keep worrying unnecessarily I really wanted to kick myself!

Fourth is to Spare a moment to process people’s words before reacting. I do tend to assume lots of things.. It’s a bad habit that I have to change. Ah, this should be at the top of the list instead. lol

Fifth and lastly is a reminder that if there’s something you probably can’t do, don’t promise and think you can. That’s irresponsible so if you’ve promised, then please do it.

That’s about it. My resolutions for 2017. Let me update on my cosplay the next post! I have a dance audition tomorrow and Sunday I’m going over to my friend’s place to make a costume. Yay I’m excited(‘: See you again.


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