Two months in my new job!

Hmm. Feel like doing a quick post. I did done a new drawing~ but perhaps I shall post it another day. I’m two months into my new job. I really like being into the job. When I feel at ease with the environment in the office. When I feel as though everything clicks and I feel comfortable. Sometimes, I do wonder if there’s a question I should ask. Or am I able to make my own decision. But with only two months, I do feel perhaps I needed some advice. I’m glad when my mentor is in a kind mood to teach me. I feel thankful. Well, it’s only been two months. Although I felt as though it’s been two years. lol I got into playing Pokemon Go again. HA-HA. It’s a nice game to distract your mind. I like it when I caught Pokemon I like. It’s gives off a fluffy feeling.


Valentine’s Post

Hi there. Last I checked it’s been a year since my last post. Thought I shall make a quick visit to my blog, and lo-and-behold, they’re still there. All the posts I’ve written that made me cringe now. LOLOLL I do have a new drawing to share, it’s Yoosung from Mystic Messenger.


My boyfriend :P

His the only route I managed to finish(:


Drawing process~

My favorite part of the whole process is the drawing bit. I like to feel the strokes of transferring pencil lead onto paper. >y<

My first post in 2017. It’s short but I hope it’s at least sweet.

I hope to come back here more often.. So, see you again in a bit. (。-ω-)ノ