Mirajane Strauss Drawing

Today, I completed my drawing of Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail:


Tomorrow is another Monday. It’s back to work after a lazy weekend. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/


Lucy Heartfilia Drawing + Dancing

Today, I drew Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail:


I finally went for a much needed run today. ^^ I expected the run to make me feel good but instead it made me really tired out. (。-ω-) I hope to run whenever I could so as to improve my stamina. ( ´ ▽ ` ) I want to improve my stamina so that I can dance longer without feeling tired out quickly. I’m currently learning the dance to Toluthin Antenna. It’s a very cute dance. I have difficulty learning it (but then I have difficulty learning every dance lol). Dancing is difficult for me as I’m a very stiff person. lol But I enjoy dancing. The feeling of able to dance to a whole song is a proud moment for myself. Haha

Some information about the dance is that it is choreographed by Melochin, a famous odorite on NicoNicoDouga. I like Melochin ❤ I like the way he dances with ease. I also like the dances he choreographed. They are all very cute dances, also refreshing, pleasant and enjoyable. I really, really like Melochin. (*´▽`*)Here is the video of him personally dancing to Toluthin Antenna:

I’m going to watch 2 movies tomorrow. I’m watching Godzilla with my friends in the afternoon and having dinner with them as well. Then I’m going to watch 《我是孝子》Filial Party, a local movie with my mum, aunts and cousins. (๑^ں^๑) I’m going to bed now. Oyasuminasai. (-, – )…zzzZZZ

Erza Scarlet and Natsu Dragneel Drawings

I drew Erza Scarlet and Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail:

DSC_2838 DSC_2840

Today, I wrote a letter to my friend for her 21st birthday. She was the one who requested the letter. lol She wanted to collect opinions about her so that she can improve and become a better person. I grumbled a bit about writing the letter because idon’treallyknowwhattowritereally but guess what? I ended up writing a 500-word essay for her. LOL Hope she have a happy time reading. 。◕‿◕。

I used to grumble about work being boring. And I still do but from a whole new perspective. When I’m very bored at work, I always say to myself, “It’s better to be bored at work than to be bored at home – at least I get paid”. And this is how I manage to overcome the everyday dryness of a boring job. The power of money $.$ After all I’m just a poor student saddled with debts. I need to feel useful somehow. ≖‿≖ On a side note, I feel useful when I do housework or when I go on errands for my mum. lol (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

I’m going to post some more photos from last week’s Tulipmania exhibition: (^ω^)

DSC_2655 DSC_2622   DSC_2608 DSC_2660 DSC_2666 DSC_2681 DSC_2732 DSC_2691DSC_2696 DSC_2694DSC_2682 DSC_2712 DSC_2715 DSC_2724  DSC_2734-1 DSC_2738

I really enjoyed the exhibition last week. It was fun! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

The Twins from Gakuen Babysitters Drawing + Tulipmania Exhibition

Today is a warm and humid Sunday. I have turned on the fan at full blast to keep away the heat. How cooling~! But then, the weather had a sudden change… the sky turned overcast! Seems like it’s going to rain soon. How unpredictable the weather is! One minute it’s a hot glaring sun and the next minute is overcast skies… This time round I drew the baby twins from the manga, Gakuen Babysitters:


The left side is crybaby Kazuma who is the younger twin and the right side is Takuma who is always cheerful. This manga is really cute because it’s full of cute, wonderful babies. (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* It’s about Morinomiya Academy’s babysitting club. The babysitting club is in charge of taking care of the babies of the teachers at the academy. What an interesting club! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ If my school has such a club, I believe there would be many interesting stories to tell. (=^・^=)

Yesterday, I went to Gardens by the Bay with my mum and aunt to view the Tulipmania exhibition. There were lots of pretty flowers and plants! It lifted my spirits. ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ Here are some photos taken at the exhibition:

DSC_2604 DSC_2772 DSC_2768 DSC_2758 DSC_2753 DSC_2719 DSC_2752 DSC_2692

And these are really nice smelling flowers:(^v^)

DSC_2727 DSC_2728

The flyer view from where I was standing:


Waterfall viewed on ground level:


Waterfall viewed while on the tree top walk:


Huge slab of purple quartz:

DSC_2784 DSC_2785

The lights at night are really pretty: (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*

DSC_2799 DSC_2797

The waterfall felt cooling. (∩_∩) Halfway through the walk, I felt water seeped through my socks. To my dismay, I realised my shoes have torn. (´⊙ω⊙`)!At night, I met up with my other aunts and uncle for dinner. I ate lots! The food was yummy. (“⌒∇⌒”) It was a satisfying day. ☆*・゜゚・*・゜゚・*☆

I have finished writing my post…and it turns out that the skies didn’t rain after all.