Sebastian Michaelis Drawing + Work

I drew Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji yesterday:


So I dislike going to work because it’s so boring I can cry. ・(/Д`)・ The working environment is good, my colleagues are nice and the food at the canteen is good so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But it really gets to me how boring paperwork is. Work makes my everyday life dull. I’m glad it’s only a temporary job. Shall stick to it for the next few months (for the money) before I go back to school. I only wish that I don’t get so sleepy every time. Trying to fight my way out of the drowsiness is very difficult. I keep eating sweets and biscuits to keep myself awake. I don’t think that’s healthy. ( ´△`) Have to go to bed soon. Good night! Oyasuminasai. //zzz//


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