Dancing & Takigawa Yoshino + Kusaribe Hakaze Drawings

I’m a sweaty mess right now after trying to dance to Gumi’s Gift. My body is sticky all over but I thought I would churn out a wordpress post before I take a shower. Firstly, I think I did a terrible job at dancing. /fails/ I’m too stiff. ((´д`)) But I shall keep practicing and treat it as a form of exercise (since I’m lazy to go running lol).

I tried drawing Takigawa Yoshino again and I also tried drawing Kusaribe Hakaze both from Zetsuen no Tempest. I love how Zetsuen no Tempest is drawn in the manga and I failed many times at trying to replicate the art. /sobs/

DSC_2550 DSC_2551

I can only be content with drawing as much as I can for now. I hope I can try drawing more than just the top half of the body. lol But for now, I would focus on drawing faces.*✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧


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