My Thoughts About Life Right Now

I saw this quote about working towards your dream and it got me thinking that currently, I have no dreams. Maybe this is the reason why my life is really boring right now. I remember those days in primary and secondary school when I wanted to be a writer. So I started writing. I read many books and I wrote stories and kept journals. These activities were actually started by my teacher back then who encouraged us to keep journals and write short stories to improve our writing skills. I remember how I loved composition writing and spent a lot of time writing. This interest in writing continued on when I was in secondary school where I started writing blogs.

I love keeping blogs, especially loving the thrill of designing the site layout to writing posts. I write posts almost every day. It was fun researching for things to write about and I would spend hours editing my posts, even though no one probably reads them. I tend to write about idols. I was into japanese idols back then and my favourite group was Hey! Say! JUMP. I collected their CDs, concert goods and kept photographs of them. I saved every picture I saw of them on the net and downloaded all their songs – even those live versions. And I wrote fanfiction about them. Even while I was preparing to go to bed, this great story idea would keep me awake and I would hurriedly jot down the story outline before I forget it. I really enjoyed writing those fanfiction. I used to spend time studying grammar and  language use as well.

Those were interesting and fulfilling days. I am not a very creative person, probably drained all my creative juices during those days. Now, I am no longer excited about idols. I still listen to idols but my idol addiction was gone. I started watching anime and this got me excited for a while before the excitement died down again. Now, my life is extremely bland and nothing spices up my life. I lack goals and commitment. What should I commit my time to? I don’t read much now and I tend to get bored with the book (or perhaps I just kept borrowing boring books lol). I am a very bored person. (;*´Д`)ノ


Hyuuga Junpei & 365 Days of Every Day Drawing Challenge

Hyuuga Junpei from Kuroko no Basket:


Drawing Challenge: Today’s Lunch


I wish I can draw better. /sobs/ I also wish that I have a dream that I want to fulfill so that I can work hard towards it.

-Currently having flu-

Caption competition!

I love these doodles


To celebrate the lovely new board book “My Mummy Says” which is written by Justine Smith and illustrated by myself, I’d like to give one of my fab readers a signed copy of the book.
See this lovely picture? Give it a caption that makes me chuckle and put it in the comments section below this post starting with the words “MY MUMMY SAYS…….”
I’ll pick and announce the winner this Sunday evening so get your witty thinking caps on…

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More Drawings of Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya + 365 Days of Every Day Drawing Challenge

My favourite characters from Kuroko no Basket: Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya:

DSC_2491 DSC_2492

I can’t decide who to be my bias out of these two. ♥ And my first 365 Days of Every Day Drawing Challenge:


A street light. It’s a nice feeling to draw using a black ink pen. I love lazy sundays ♥

Drawings of Kagami Taiga and Fuji Syusuke

My blog looks boring so I fooled around with a photo editor today.

Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basket:

KagamiTaiga.jpg KagamiTaiga2.jpg

Fuji Syusuke from Prince of Tennis:

FujiSyusuke.jpg FujiSyusuke2.jpg  

In a failed attempt to liven up my blog with some colours. lol I have sldo changed the blog’s theme and added a molang header. ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆