A plot of earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Develop the land into a garden filled with at least 10 types of flowers for diversity. Each flower would be labelled and attached with information easy to read and understand (reasonable font size and amount of information provided). There would be a pond with at least 5 types of water plants and a low bridge would be built over the pond to facilitate studying of the water plants at a closer look. There would be a children’s playground, an elderly exercising corner and an adult exercising corner to cater to users of all ages. There would be separate running tracks and walking paths. There would be open grassy areas for recreational activities. There would be a food court selling at least 3 types of food at cheap and affordable prices, including a fruit stall selling fruits and fruit juices.

The writing prompts sound like composition writing homework. lol


Three Ebooks to Spark Creativity and Grow Traffic

Fresh vegetables and eggs.. it is time to start writing. Beginning with the idea that every little piece of writing helps to cure boredom.

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365 Writing Prompts


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